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Marcos Santos Academy

At Marcos Santos Academy, we're helping men, women, and children all across Fort Worth find success with hands-on instruction and a safe, supportive environment. From exciting Kids Martial Arts classes to the area's best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction, we're helping people of all skill levels thrive.

PLUS, if your goal is to challenge your body and build lean, functional strength, we have the answer. Our Group Fitness classes are combining the best aspects of striking and self-defense with total-body fitness training for all abilities.

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Incredible team and amazing instruction for kids and people completely new to jiujitsu! My 5 year old has been attending classes twice a week for 3 months and it has transformed him! He is more confident, becoming stronger, more coordinated, and has so much fun in class! Come watch one class and you will quickly see how amazing this academy and group is!

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Catie Jensen

Everyone is extremely friendly. It's like training with family. Best place to train and learn from the best.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Caleb J Wood

Marcos Santos Academy is an awesome place to train. Marcos Santos is an amazing Professor. If you ever get the chance to come train here I highly recommend it.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Jeff Weeks

My son started to go to this academy in the summer of 2015. This is definitely the best place to train Jiu Jitsu in Fort Worth! My son loved it so much that we started our other son and my husband started going as well. The coaches are patient, great with kids and knowledgeable. The studio is very well kept and clean. The atmosphere is very positive and family friendly.

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Victoria Atkinson

Love, love, love this academy. The reason for this is threefold. 1) It starts at the top. Professor Marcos Santos is a gentleman, so friendly and welcoming, with such a deep knowledge of BJJ that it will make your head spin. He teaches by breaking everything down to its most basic form, making it easy to follow the technique being taught and in such a way that it is relatable to your level, whether you are a white belt or with years of training. 2) Because of the atmosphere encouraged, everyone, without exception, all the coaches and students, are so helpful and friendly. No one hordes the knowledge. everyone is so giving and helpful with their time and knowledge. White belts do not feel "out-of-it" since the upper belts are always helping with technique and improvement. 3) One is not forced to compete. You are made welcome at the academy whether you are there for conditioning and fitness, for self-defense, or to overcome personal obstacles, whatever it is...and if you do want to compete you have, at your disposal, all the resources you could ever wish for! I feel fortunate to have found Professor Marcos Santos, his coaches and the Marcos Santos Academy for sure!

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Jens Wallrabe

Mr. Santos is one of the most AMAZING instructors I have ever met! A very knowledgeable man! Great Instructor, with an awesome school! Would reccomend RCJ Machado to anyone!! From the classes to the staff it is a great place to train! No other school around Fort Worth comes close to this one!

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Emily Warnke

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