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Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Incredible team and amazing instruction for kids and people completely new to jiujitsu! My 5 year old has been attending classes twice a week for 3 months and it has transformed him! He is more confident, becoming stronger, more coordinated, and has so much fun in class! Come watch one class and you will quickly see how amazing this academy and group is!

Catie Jensen

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Everyone is extremely friendly. It's like training with family. Best place to train and learn from the best.

Caleb J Wood

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Marcos Santos Academy is an awesome place to train. Marcos Santos is an amazing Professor. If you ever get the chance to come train here I highly recommend it.

Jeff Weeks

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

My son started to go to this academy in the summer of 2015. This is definitely the best place to train Jiu Jitsu in Fort Worth! My son loved it so much that we started our other son and my husband started going as well. The coaches are patient, great with kids and knowledgeable. The studio is very well kept and clean. The atmosphere is very positive and family friendly.

Victoria Atkinson

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Love, love, love this academy. The reason for this is threefold. 1) It starts at the top. Professor Marcos Santos is a gentleman, so friendly and welcoming, with such a deep knowledge of BJJ that it will make your head spin. He teaches by breaking everything down to its most basic form, making it easy to follow the technique being taught and in such a way that it is relatable to your level, whether you are a white belt or with years of training. 2) Because of the atmosphere encouraged, everyone, without exception, all the coaches and students, are so helpful and friendly. No one hordes the knowledge. everyone is so giving and helpful with their time and knowledge. White belts do not feel "out-of-it" since the upper belts are always helping with technique and improvement. 3) One is not forced to compete. You are made welcome at the academy whether you are there for conditioning and fitness, for self-defense, or to overcome personal obstacles, whatever it is...and if you do want to compete you have, at your disposal, all the resources you could ever wish for! I feel fortunate to have found Professor Marcos Santos, his coaches and the Marcos Santos Academy for sure!

Jens Wallrabe

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Mr. Santos is one of the most AMAZING instructors I have ever met! A very knowledgeable man! Great Instructor, with an awesome school! Would reccomend RCJ Machado to anyone!! From the classes to the staff it is a great place to train! No other school around Fort Worth comes close to this one!

Emily Warnke

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

This gym has changed my families life. My nieces entered the after school enrichment program and are really looking happy and confident. I personally enjoy the women s self defense class on Wednesdays marcos does a good job on creating life threatening scenarios and helping us overcome them.

Valerie Rosas

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

We love this academy! Our grandson has blossom through the training he is receiving here. They are instilling good character traits in his development. They teach respect and train their students properly. We recently had his birthday party here and it was impressive and so much fun for everyone. Thank you everyone at Marcos Santos Academy, glad we are here!

Susan Jensen

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Excellent academy in defense my son has learned a lot in a couple months

Miguel Flores

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Marcos Santos and his instructors are amazing. We were at 2 different academies before joining here. The level of instruction is above and beyond one of the most comprehensive that I have seen in any other training facilities that we were members at or toured. The instructors are great with the kids of all ages and very compassionate when they are maybe not having their best days. Their patience and focus on ensuring safe and proper training techniques as well as providing a safe environment to learn is is invaluable. We have found a family here and am so happy that Mr. Santos is the Professor that he is and the Instructors are the men that they are. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone looking for a Professor and Instuctors with honor and integrity.

Veronica Clark-Jones

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

This place has a huge emphasis on training the children. I strongly recommend the training from Marcos and Hugo because they reinforce not just techniques but also the spirit of teamwork and striving for personal best. There is simply not enough room for all the good things I have to say about this studio.

Justin Ezell

working hard this place is great. great guys and girls training hard. great upper belts challenging us to be better. stepping on the mat again all these years feels great. on a great path our sensei is a wonderful man. teaching us so much and pushing us for a better life style. changing our lives one day at a time. thank you marcos santos, brittany trigo, hugo munoz and eddie hudson.and many others who push us every day for a better cause.

Adam Deleon

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Wow. I'm the Child's father of that ugly review and I 100% love this gym and all it represents. The trainers Hugo, Victor, Marcos and Eddy are all great with them and most of them work full time with kids in their careers so they have a great deal of patience. My son has increased in discipline, confidence and breaking through his wall of shyness since starting this wonderful class. They also work with the local Swat Team and train them. So don't be fooled by a keyboard warrior I recommend this class 100% to any child or take the class for yourselfs they also do Jui Jitsu for beginner and advanced adults!

Abel Bonilla

All I can say is if chuck Norris approves I approve! Lol. But seriously all jokes aside I went to see my nephews class today and it was awesome I really loved the age diversity there is and how attentive the trainers are with each of their students. I can especially see how good yalls classes are by how well my nephew was performing! I was ecstatic with the whole thing, whenever my little girl starts walking I'm surely going to have her join! Keep up the good work guys!

Xochite Bonilla

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

I have been working with RCJ Macado on some local events and I must tell you he really cares about his staff and the people who takes his classes. I am excited to learn more about the Bullying program they are putting together. Knowing they will be walking Light the Night with us s so cool. I also love knowing they work with my sons school as it makes me feel safer when I drop him off.

The Mommies Reviews

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

I can't say enough about how great this place was to myself and a few other guys that came in as strangers on tour just looking to add to our growing knowledge of this bjj life! They treated us with hospitality as well as great training. An early morning session turned into what could be viewed as a private lesson and I am thankful for the awesome experience. I met great people here and will be returning when possible!

Aaron Loudermill

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

One of the best gyms I've been to. Not only are the people humble, but the instructor is fun and encouraging. Jiu jitsu is great, but there is still a variance of different skills being taught such as wrestling and judo. I am a female and have never felt uncomfortable once here (except for being sore the next day). Just an overall great atmosphere and incredible place to learn.

Dara H

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Warm and welcoming club, Professor Marcos Santos was brilliant and so kind to us when we dropped in for a class all the way from Australia.

Lisa Boyd

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

This studio really focuses on the children growing in their skills and as members of society. You will be hard pressed to find a better training environment. I highly recommend bringing your child here to learn BJJ.

Justin H. Ezell

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Marcos, Hugo, and the rest have created a great competitive learning environment. Best choice I've made in years.

John Wilson

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

I have trained under Master Marcos Santos For a decade!! He is a very passionate instructor who really cares about his students. He always makes his students feel like family. I have trainined with many BJJ instructors and I can tell you Master Marcos is one of the best. My students in New Jersey always ask for him. I named my son after him that should speak volumes!!

Master Guerrero

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

My son goes to class here and he really loves it. Marcos is the one who actually teaches the kids class, so that’s a huge plus! You won’t see that at other schools. You can tell Marcos really loves teaching the kids. He goes through a lot of jiu-jitsu based games to keep the kids interested throughout the class. I’m so glad I found this school.

J Rodriguez

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Amazing place for jujitsu and for personal development. The instructors take personal interest in every student and encourage while pushing them forward. I would not take my kiddos anywhere else!

Carolyn Clean Ezell

Kids Martial Arts Fort Worth

Such a great experience training with these guys. As a former college-athlete I'm always looking for avenues to challenge myself physically, with Hugo and the crew I get just that.

Travis Jones

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