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  • That’s a lot of mat space!

    That’s a lot of mat space!

    One of the great things about our new location at 5252 W. Vickery Blvd. is the amount of mat space that we have now. It allows us to teach multiple classes at once, and opens up the schedule to provide more options to parents and kids. Within the last 6 weeks, we have held an in-house tournament, hosted Master Carlos Machado’s RCJ kids competition team from various locations, and had three different Jiu Jitsu classes running simultaneously to accommodate different ages and interests. All of this wouldn’t be possible without having almost 3,000 square feet of mats! That’s just the beginning. Wait until you see what we do with the other 6,000 square feet of space that we ....

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  • Self Defense Seminar with Coach Greg Duke

    Self Defense Seminar with Coach Greg Duke

    On Monday February 24 th , we had the pleasure of hosting a self-defense seminar with students from All Saints Episcopal School. Coach Greg Duke, the head wrestling coach at All Saints, promoted the event and taught the students along with Professor Marcos Santos. Many of us at the academy know Coach Duke for his knowledge of wrestling and judo which has helped us all to develop our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game. While teaching self defense class, however, Coach Duke is able to incorporate even more aspects of his extensive experience which include elements of karate, Kali, boxing, etc. Our new schedule that just began March 2nd includes Teens/Adults Self defense on Tuesdays and ....

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  • RCJ Machado won 6 team trophies at JJWL!

    RCJ Machado won 6 team trophies at JJWL!

    Saturday March 22nd was the Jiu Jitsu World League tournament and we came out on top! Team RCJ Machado won trophies for the #1 Kids/Teens Academy, #1 Kids/Teens Organization, #1 Gi Adult Academy, #1 Gi Adults Organization, #1 Nogi Adult Academy, and #1 Nogi Adult Organization. The next one will be in June 2020. Let’s start getting ready now! Come learn from the best! Professor Marcos Santos is the current Vice President of the Carlos Machado Jiu Jitsu Association. ....

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  • Master Carlos Machado's Seminar Was A Success!

    Last Friday’s seminar was amazing! Thanks to Master Carlos Machado, we had a great seminar last week. It was truly impressive how he asked everyone what they were interested in learning and managed to relate some part of the lesson to all of the requests by the time it was over. No matter whether you are brand new to Jiu-Jitsu or a seasoned black belt, Master Machado’s seminars have something for everyone. His system of teaching “micro-mechanics” and breaking everything down into steps is really beneficial when trying to remember the techniques later. In addition to the seminar, we had a promotion! Many of our kids are working their way up ....

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  • RCJ Annual In-House Tournament and Charity Event for Kids and Adults

    RCJ Machado NO-GI Invitational Saturday April 13st, 2019. REGISTRATION CLOSES 04/12/18 AT 8:00 PM EVERYONE MUST REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE NO SAME DAY REGISTRATIONS - NO EXCEPTIONS. EXCLUSIVE FOR RCJ MACHADO AFFILIATES AND THEIR STUDENTS SEE BELOW FOR RULES AND DIVISIONS It will be held at RCJ Machado Farmers Branch academy and the students from all the other RCJ Machado Academies will be coming together for a little friendly competition. Give you all a chance to meet other RCJ Machado students, A great oportunity fot those of you who love to compete a chance to compete on the cheap, and for those who have been hesitant to compete a chance to get your feet wet ....

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  • Rigan Machado is coming to town!

      It’s been more than a year already since Master Rigan Machado has visited our academy. In December of 2017 Master Rigan gave a seminar at Marcos Santos Academy and his brothers Master Carlos Machado and Master John Machado were in attendance. Besides learning some amazing techniques that week, we got the chance to experience a moment in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu history. Master John was presented with his coral belt by his brothers, and in front of his sons Jean and Jon. Thanks to Jean Machado for this great video. You can check out his other funny jiu jitsu videos on his youtube channel LiveTheMachLife . I hope you can all make it on April 20, 2019. Kids Seminar

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    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Fort Worth with Kids Martial Arts!
    At Marcos Santos Academy, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Fort Worth a hands-on approach to Kids Martial Arts. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Marcos Santos Academy and see for yourself what makes us the best Kids Martial Arts facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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